Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About the Tool 

What styles are available to decorate?  

We have over 70 styles available in hundreds of colors. Our caps are organized by popularity so our highest volume and many of our new caps are near the top. Some color ways that are either low in stock or discontinued may not show in the tool. 

Can I save my design?  

Yes. On the finalize tab you have the choice to ‘Save’ or ‘Submit’ your design. Designs are saved at the INDIVIDUAL level, not at the COMPANY level. Whatever login you use to access our Outdoor Cap websites is what you will use to access MC360. Our service team can access any design for you if you have the Design ID#. 

How do I get my design?  

As soon as you complete your design and hit the final ‘Submit’ button button your design begins rendering into a PDF and is sent to the email address associated with your account. It takes 1-5 minutes depending on design complexity and system resources. If you don’t see the email check your spam or junk folder. All emails come from

What does the Virtual design look like? 

The virtual design created is a PDF with an image of each angle of the product you just decorated with a front, left, right, and back view. It also includes all pertinent details of the design so both you and our team know what is being requested. Note the Design ID # that starts with ‘MC’. This is the number you will use to reference this design. 

How do I reference my design in the future? 

The two key things to note are 1. All MC360 design submissions have a unique design ID # that begins with the letters “MC.” Your design name and design ID are both in the email and on the PDF that is sent after you submit your design. 2. All designs can be viewed in your account on our website when logged in by visiting the Account Dashboard and clicking on “My Virtual Designs.” This link is also in the email you receive. We suggest bookmarking it on your web browser. 

What if I don’t want to save my design? 

Nothing will be saved until you submit your design.  

NOTE: If you do not submit the design our service team will not have any record of the design or access to the artwork you upload. 

Can I duplicate or edit my design? 

Yes. You can continue editing designs that have been saved to update or submit later from the “My Virtual Designs” screen in your account. 

You can duplicate previously submitted designs in the same way. 

Is MC360 mobile friendly? 

MC360 is built to be a B2B configuration and design tool that is best viewed on a desktop, laptop, or larger tablet device. Mobile phones can be used to view the tool but are not recommended at this time. 

Can I see what’s coming next? 

Yes. We have a public roadmap where you can upvote features as well as suggest new features! 

You can see the roadmap here or click on “Product Roadmap” inside the Help section of the tool. 

I see something I would like to see fixed or improved, how should I let you know? 

We need your help in making this the tool YOU need for YOUR business. You can submit feedback by clicking the Help button in the lower left and following the “Submit Feedback” link. (

Questions About Your Designs 

Can I share my design?  

Yes. Your design is delivered to the email address you choose so you have two choices. Send the email directly to the person you are sharing with (not recommended) or email the design to yourself and forward it on. Just remember to send the attachment. Our Internal team CAN initiate an order based on a design ID. 

Will my finished product look just like this virtual design? 

Due to the technologies used, production process for various types of decoration, and the inconsistencies of color across different viewing devices, your product may not appear like the virtual design you see in the 3D preview window or the Virtual Design Sheet you receive via email after submission. Contact our custom team with specific questions or concerns and request a spec sample to see how your design will sew out IRL (In Real Life). 

Will you make changes to my design based on my comments? 

Yes. Any comments made on your design submission will be followed by our design team. We may reach out if a request is unclear, if we have a recommendation to make the design better, or if we are unable to execute the design in the way you requested. 

If you make changes, how can I view the updated design? 

At this time, you will receive an updated PDF of your design from our service team via email when they complete it. Your updated design will not have the same design ID as the design you submitted through MC360. This is purposeful to make sure everyone involved is talking about the same version of a design request and so we produce the exact design you want. 

What style should I pick? 

All our products are viewable on our website in detail. You can see limited descriptions and all colors of each of our products in MC360 if you choose, but we recommend having a general idea of the style of cap or hat you need when you come in to MC360 to customize the product. If you are unsure, please contact your sales rep or contact us directly. Promo customers click here, Team customers click here.

How do I check stock? 

Approved wholesale customers can login to our main website to check current stock levels. MC360 does not yet have stock information. Users who do not have a wholesale account will only be able to use the tool to create virtual designs, not check stock or order. 

How do I know if a product and color is available in a youth size? 

We show that information on our main website. Please double check the style you have chosen and ensure the color you are using is available in the size(s) you need. 

What kind of decoration should I choose? 

This is the subject of entire books and years of study by industry experts. Embroidery is considered more traditional, is a bit faster, and cheaper than patch decoration. A logo can often look great using either method. See details of our domestic custom programs, Promo customers click here, Team customers click here.

What kind of patch should I use? 

We offer Fabric, Sublimated, or Leather patches made from scratch in our Bentonville, Arkansas Facility. See details on our patch program, Promo customers click here, Team customers click here.

What should I write in additional comments? 

Include everything that you would like our team to know about your design preferences. Many people include comments such as “match logo to back mesh” or “include main logo 3D but make the outline flat.” Anything that might help us make a great design and better meet your expectations should be included in additional comments.  

Can I create more than one virtual design per submission? 

No. Not at this time. If you need to place an order with multiple designs simply reference each design number in your communication. 

Adding and Manipulating Artwork 

What kind of file should I use to make my virtual design look it’s best? 

You may upload JPG, GIF, or PNG files and view them in the 3D preview window immediately. For best results, we recommend transparent PNG files. 

Can I remove the background from JPGs and GIFs? 

Yes. Scroll down in the window and toggle “Remove White Background” then move the slider to get your desired results.  

What files should I upload to the “Vector or Stitch File” section? 

This is production ready art or close to it. File types include SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, CDR, EMB, and DST files. You may upload only one Vector or Stitch file. Providing this file makes creating your spec sample go much faster. 

Why doesn’t the file I’m uploading show me a preview? 

You are likely using a file type that is not supported to preview. To preview art, it must be in a non-vector file format such as JPG, PNG, or GIF with the preferred format being PNG. Contact your artwork designer or use someone to convert your artwork to the appropriate file type. Outdoor Cap also offers this service for a small fee. 

Can I edit my artwork in MC360? 

MC360 is meant to be a virtual preview of finished artwork. We can only display what you upload. You cannot use this system to edit those design files. If you have specific edits, you can convey those in the artwork comments and our team will do their best to make those updates and create a new virtual design with the improved art. 

Can I edit the size and position of my art and text? 

Yes. All movement of art and lettering is done from the panel of controls on the right side of the screen. Scroll until you find the control you need. 

Can I just tell you what I want even if I don’t have the exact logo file to upload? 

Yes. Of course. We want to be your partner in headwear and we will help you grow your business and build whatever you need. It will take more time when we engage our design team to modify your design but letting us know up front in the artwork comments will make it faster and more efficient. 

How big or small should I make my design? 

You may see our maximum recommended decoration areas for each part of the cap or hat by toggling the “Decoration Area” to “Visible.” Size in this sense is a subjective choice but make sure to look at your design from all angles to visualize the proportion of your artwork with the hat.  

How small can I make my text? 

For any embroidered text, the smallest size we recommend is 1/4 in height. Smaller than that will not be legible and look messy, even with the very best embroidery. 

*For detailed art, we highly recommend a sublimated patch as your decoration choice. 

Marketing and Lead Generation 

Can I make a flyer with my design on it? 

Not at this time. You will receive an unbranded PDF. It will have the MyCustomizer360 logo on it to showcase the virtual platform you are using. Feel free to add your logo in the blank space of the PDF. 

Can I share my design on social media? 

Absolutely. We will have a more automated way of doing this soon, but for now, feel free to take a screen shot of your finished product or crop the PDF to suit your social media needs and convert it to something you can upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other platforms.  

Can I share MC360 with my customers/clients? 

You may use it however you wish. It is available to you as a benefit of being an Outdoor Cap customer. We find customers have some of their greatest success in selling headwear when ‘live designing’ with their customers either in person or virtually.  

Can I build designs to send to leads without a PO? 

Absolutely. One of the best ways to use MC360 is as a lead generation tool. You can stimulate interest by sending personalized designs to previous clients, acquaintances, new businesses, or anyone else that might benefit from the high Value of Headwear. Simply “Save” your design instead of submitting it and you will receive the virtual design in your email inbox associated with your account. 

Can I embed MC360 in my website or use a white label version? 

We are considering this possibility on a case by case basis. The cost of implementation for a white label version of this proprietary technology is based on estimated volume and account size. If you have an interest in either option please contact to discuss further.